Scheme for Drama Education in Schools

     Dr. Chndrasekharam visited Hyderabad in 1963, contacted some friends, most of whom were educationists, and got a committee formed for taking up drama education work. The committee arranged a DRAMA EDUCATION WEEK in September 1963. An exhibition was also arranged in the Y.M.C.A Hall.

     The Exhibition, the first of its kind, was a very interesting event. The purpose of the exhibition was to impress on the public and the students, the values of drama; its place in social education, and the need for its study. The exhibits included books on various aspects of drama and play-production, newspaper cuttings, posters and sayings of eminent persons, simple make-up materials and photographs of make-up disguises. Pictures showing how drama could be used for mass communication and rural entertainment with few players and few properties on improvised stages were also displayed. Gramaphone records of plays by Shakepeare (kindly lent by the British Council, Madras,) and films about drama and recreation (kindly lent by the local American Culture Centre) were much appreciated. Specially interesting was the Study Box kindly made available by the British Council Madras. This exhibition was an eye-opener to many, and it certainly helped those that visited it in improving their knowledge of drama and in creating due respect for drama and dramatists.

     Later the committee drafted a constitution and drew a scheme with the following objectives.