About Dr. Chandrashekaram

   Dr. Charidrasekharam himself was a dynamic theatre. He had made name as a solo-actor of very high order. He gave his first performance in 1929 and since then he has been entertaining some thousands of audiences all over the country. He was a real cultural ambassador of India.

   Dr. Chandrasekharam acting was a noble and pious way of life. If an actor is born it is not sufficient. He was like a crude diamond that warrants polishing. So Chandrasekharam feels that every born actor can become perfect only if he is properly trained. And for this, ideal drama schools should be run by competent people. Governments, local bodies, banks and businessmen should come forward with financial help. They should not provide funds with a sense of detachment and indifference as many of them are doing today, but they should involve themselves in it and feel that, as good citizens, they have the responsibility of making it a success.