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    This website is one with a difference. The emphasis is on Drama Education in schools and colleges. It needs close study by all those teachers of English and those that plan educational methods of teaching including Members of Parliament and State Legistative bodies. The suggestions given apply to teaching of some other subjects too whether in English or state languages.

   Dr. Chandrasekharam had his own experiences in the matter. While studying in V and VI forms in the V. R. High School, Nellore, he had a teacher, Mr. P.N. Ramaswamy Iyer who was a great Shakespearean actor. He adopted acting to teach them in his classes. His students learnt more quickly and effectively through this. Dr. Chandrasekharam published a book on Mono-acting in which he mentioned this.  Dr. K Venkatasubramanian, then Director of School Education, Madras, and Chairman, Board of Higher Secondary Education, Tamil Nadu and Vice- chancellor of Pondichery University, was good enough to write a foreword to the book. Here is a copy of what he said.

"Drama and Fine-arts have an important place in Education and a good teacher has to adopt the technique of mono-acting to make his lessons interesting and meaningful”.

   Dr. Chandrasekharam recalls with nostalgia how, during his schooldays, he got inspiration as well as training from his respected master Sri Ramaswamy lyer, who was capable of dramatizing his English lessons and thus making them very interesting. This good beginning helped Dr. Chandrasekharam talent for acting to reach the highest degree of proficiency to the extent of his becoming a 'Fun Doctor'as he would like to be called. In this website, 'Art of Mono-acting'. Dr. Chandrasekharam presents vividly his experiences in mono-acting and explains how the art has been an intellectual pursuit for him.

   His devotion to mono-acting and his example as nicely narrated in this website will inspire all teachers, especially language teachers, and help them to breathe life into their teaching so that they capture the interest and attention of children and better learning."